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renewable energy

The transformation of energy generation and consumption is imperative, and Edison Power is dedicated to playing a significant role in this global social responsibility endeavor. Our focus extends to being a key player in the EPC sector for renewable energy, emphasizing ownership of wind and solar projects.

As a developer and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) Contractor specializing in green initiatives and renewable energy, including wind, solar, concentrated solar, hydro, and waste to energy, Edison Power aligns with the increasing worldwide demand for energy and environmental concerns. The strategic shift from traditional fuels, coupled with finite resources, has spurred the growth of renewable energies and advancements in energy-efficient equipment and systems.

Edison Power stands ready as a service company capable of undertaking projects at any stage – from preliminary studies, functional requirements, and technical specifications to detailed engineering, supply, installation, and integration of associated subsystems. We are actively engaged in providing technical support and participating in the operation, conservation, and maintenance of systems.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our turnkey projects for both private firms and public entities, adhering to the highest quality standards and offering maximum guarantees. Edison Power takes pride in developing integrated renewable energy projects, ensuring comprehensive control throughout all stages, from initial feasibility studies to the manufacturing, assembly, operation, and maintenance of installations.